Our facial biometrics system


Our algorithm adjusts the brightness to improve the recognition under adverse lighting conditions.


Our system "Liveliness detection" allows webcams to detect fraud, such as the use of photographs.


Immunity to aging and facial changes such as hairstyle, beard, glasses...

What is biometrics?

Biometrics is the study of automated methods for recognition of the identity of a person based on his physiology or his behavior patterns. We all have unique morphological features that make us different and any equipment that measures any of these biometric characteristics is considered biometric.

Nowadays, there are several techniques of human verification, such as through iris, fingerprint, voice and, of course, by means of face recognition. All of them are expected to be used more and more in a few years.


Operating modes

  • Identification: (1:N) The biometric software recognizes people without knowing previously their identity.
  • Authentication: (1:1) The biometric software autenticates people that have been idenfified previously by entering a registered username, password...

The recognition process

The process through which our solutions identify or authenticate uniquely an individual comprises three phases:

1Detection: The face recognition solution detects a face through the camera.

2Extraction: The face recognition solution extracts a pattern from the individual facial features. The pattern contains crucial structural elements of the face.

3Recognition: The face recognition solution compare the extracted pattern with reference patterns stored in a database to identify or authenticate the person.


Advantages of facial biometrics

The facial biometrics has interesting advantages over other biometrics. This kind of recognition is the most natural and safe, since it resembles the way humans identify their acquaintances.

No physical contact


Physical contact with the device is not required, what is more hygienic.

No cards


It doesn't need you to carry any card, key, credentials...

No passwords


It doesn't need you to remember any password, code...

No expensive sensors


Just common devices with webcam are required: computers, tablets, smartphones...

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