Statistics and marketing

Your customer loyalty and treatment make a difference from your competitors...

What do we offer?


Your employees may be different from each other; even so, your client will be recognized and served by his category. Thanks to our software, you may calculate the number of unique people visiting your business, know who have entered from those who watched your showcase and you may also adjust the digital poster contents by the gender or the age range of the viewer.


  • Counting of unique people, sex and age range excluding employees or other registered staff.
  • Analysis of the impact generated by showcases in specific audiences.
  • Detection of VIP customers for a preferential treatment.
  • Smart advertising in digital posters, shopping malls and points of sale.


Possibility of linking to your management software to check your clients' purchases.

Centralization of the system in case of having multiple centers in different places.

Security of your company data in a BYOD (Bring your Own Device) environment.

Getting and tracking demographic data from your viewers, such as gender or age range.

Analyzing the traffic flow through a shopping mall, commercial settlement or point of sale.

Deliver targeted advertisements to specific market segments.

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