Clock in and out fast and easily by means of face recognition

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Smart facial recognition device able of interacting with the user.

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One of the greatest advantages of face recognition is the ability to be adapted to all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops... This is because we all have something on these devices as basic as a webcam. Since special devices or cards are not required, the system becomes very standard.



  • SMEs will get an autonomous and standard presence system in a simple tablet.
  • Mobile employees can authenticate by using their smartphone, which may also indicate their position.


  • The shops will have real-time information of opening hours.
  • Control of absenteeism.

Educational institutions

  • Checking the students' school and examinations attendance.


  • Verifying that guards perform the established rounds in a security rounds control.


Possibility of linking to the software of your RRHH department: SAP, NAVISION...

Absenteeism information, detection and measurement of working hours that are not performed.

Self-service environment for employees: personal messages, schedules...

Reduced administration time.

The information flows from the devices in real time.

Centralization in case of having multiple centers in different places.

Friendly and intuitive user interface that makes easy the detection and registry processes...

Security of your company data in a BYOD (Bring your Own Device) environment.

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